Back On Track

 Right , I promise I won't leave it so long next time but all is in turmoil at the moment with our decision to enter the hospitality business  (also known as B & B !) It is something we have always wanted to try because we enjoy entertaining but let's face it there's not a lot of people to entertain up here in the wilds of North Yorkshire ! I'll find out how to slot a photo in next time so you can have a shufty . I would also like to send my very best wishes to Michaela Reeves who was the first person to venture onto the new site and place an order . Brilliant ! We are just in the process of getting some new images together to go on the site and I will try my best to place new cartoons on a regular basis. All for now , but rest assure I'll be back !

New Look Giclee site up and running!

Thanks to the wonders of technology and the immense talent and patience of Gary at Design Farm Studio the new website was launched today! I am sure there will be a few 'teething troubles' but hopefully the new site will prove much simpler to navigate and the orders will come flooding in. It's great to be able to offer a service with all the images available to be personalised to suit everyone and every occasion.

Coming to the end of four months work on illustrations for a very exciting book project - more later! Must get organised for the next newsletter too. It's all go in the studio!