A Bit About Tim

A Bit About Tim

Tim Bulmer Artist
Tim Bulmer moved back to Yorkshire in 1998 having survived twenty years of London living by a thread! As a boy in the 60’s Tim was sent away to school at Bramcote in Scarborough followed by five years at what was then the tough, no nonsense, rugby obsessed  Sedbergh School in the old West Riding.

Art college at Wimbledon was a joy after having spent most of his school career at the bottom of a loose ruck and his determination to make it in the art world never wavered from that point on.

His first proper job (after tinkering about back stage in the theatre) was as picture framer come gallery sales assistant at Forest Galleries in Guildford, he was a nifty framer but not so hot on the sales until encouraged to sell his own work.

He was soon noticed by De Montfort Fine Art, one of the two major fine art distribution companies who went on to market his watercolours and etchings to an ever increasing band of admirers both at home and abroad.

However, after fourteen years Tim decided he’d like to try something different and with that in mind moved back north to Pickering and diversified!

He designed wine labels for Fitou ( still very much in evidence in some of the larger supermarkets ) and promotional prints for Taylor’s Port. He undertook a constant stream of both personal and commercial commissions including restaurants, hotels and gastro pubs such as The Star Inn At Harome and the Pipe & Glass at South Dalton, whilst illustrating books for authors such as Roger Steare and Ray Mears.

Recent commissions include work for ‘Deliciouslyorkshire’ and the new Town Map for Pickering, then there was a large piece for the Clothier family from Boston Spa just recently commissioned and an even larger piece for Gary Verity from Welcome To Yorkshire to celebrate some of the great Yorkshire Patrons .

Tim’s style is very much in the mould of the cartoonist/illustrator and for those who are interested he is 52 years old, has two children and a long suffering wife of 29 years (that’s years married not her age!!)

Please find out more about Tim and his private commission work by emailing him on info@timbulmerartist.com or via his website www.timbulmerartist.com