Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
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Are you in need of an extra special Tim Bulmer piece?

Well then you have come to the correct place!
Basically there are two types of commission :

1. The single scene involving a figure or figures taking up the majority of the page with whatever background is appropriate.

2. A collection of small images (vignettes) that either tell a life story in the form of a timeline or the recipient's current story with his or her interests and lifestyle.

I will require a little help - for the second especially I will need the facts - the recipient's parents, birthplace, names, schooling, university, first jobs, wife/husband, children, holidays , interests etc.

A few photos might help in terms of having an approximate idea as to how the individual looks - But not too many please! Two or three max. Please send as low res files - jpegs are perfect.

First of all I will work up a rough sketch which can be amended and is very much a collaborative process. Then once the client is happy with everything I will send a tidy sketch prior to the final artwork.

I will scan and send a copy of the final artwork -  the original of which will be posted as soon as payment is made.
Please see example price list below:

Please note prices do not include postage.

£350 full commission - with comprehensive detail as desired by client either timeline multi image or full single picture with detailed background. 10 - 15 reference ideas. 28cm x 38cm -  11" X 15"  (+  P & P £ 10.00)
£675 full commission as above but larger in size 20 - 30 reference images. 38cm x 55cm -  15": X 22" (+  P & P £ 20.00)
£1500 full commission as above but again larger in size 30 - 40 reference images. 75cm x 56 cm -  30" X 22" (+  P & P £ 20.00)
If you have something very specific in mind please get in touch Tim would love to discuss with you over email timbulmerartist@gmail.com 
Please note the prices are a rough guideline as each project is unique.
Please see below examples of my commercial commissions - prices start at £350
Mont Tauch Visitor Centre 15 Meter Long illustration 
Ray Mears Goes Walkabout My first foray as a cartographer thanks to Ned Hoste,
Ray’s book designer 
Taylors Port Many wonderful jobs for this fantastic company
The World of Wine  Latest Large project re-imagining grapes in the human form
Collection can be made from Tim's studio by prior appointment.