Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
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Maps, I've always loved maps, you can travel anywhere in the world without leaving the safety and sanctuary of your favourite armchair  create adventures you know full well will venture no further than your imagination. Benefits abound as you manage to avoid hostile natives, food poisoning and vicious insect bites, and that's just Northern France. Nothing is out of ones grasp as you steer your canoe down the inner reaches of the Congo or plant your flag on top of the Matterhorn. A map doesn't have to give you the bend in the road or the exact gradient of a hill, although that does help, there's just as much interest to be found in the people and how they've left their mark .

For map perfection there's always Ordnance Survey where every bell tower and steeple, stile and kiss gate are lovingly recorded but then again a Tim Bulmer map contains all the other bits they've decided to leave out ! 

There's room for everybody in the world of maps - and now with FREE shipping!