Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
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DOGS Jigsaw

DOGS Jigsaw

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Great fun for a novice or seasoned jigsaw doer;


Human kind and dog kind have been inseparable for centuries. Dogs are loyal and extremely long suffering. Without a second thought they have taken part in the chase and faced foes far more fearsome and strong than either dog or master. Dogs will show a love that is unconditional displaying endless affection when really the master, returning home late and the worse for wear deserves far less. As humans it is our responsibility to repay that love and respect a hundredfold by protecting our loving and loyal friends.


A really enjoyable challenge!

1000 pieces, Made in England,

Finished size 66 x 50cm (26x20 inches)

Environmentally compatible 100% recycled board

Water based pigment inks.