FRANCE : 1000 Piece Jigsaw

FRANCE : 1000 Piece Jigsaw

£19.99 GBP

Great fun for a novice or seasoned jigsaw doer   

The French and the Brits - so close and yet so far apart. They may well accuse us of stealing all their best words but c'est la vie! Despite centuries of argy bargy France is and always will be our favourite holiday destination and we return home every year with enough wine to keep us going until our next visit. We invariably mystify one another but like family we also have a begrudging admiration. Vive La France etc

A really enjoyable challenge!

1000 pieces, Made in England,

Finished size 66 x 50cm (26x20 inches)

Environmentally compatible 100% recycled board

Water based pigment inks.



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