Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
Tim Bulmer Artist Humorous gifts for all occasions
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Tim Bulmer


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Whisky -  Limited Edition of 250 Giclee Prints 

Approx size A3

Please note the spelling - the 'e' is not present when we mention Scotch (even that word is not strictly speaking correct being a 17th century anglicisation of the word Scottish) - the 'e' is only present when referring to Irish whiskey or American. As with great wines and beers whisky has an endless variety of looks and flavours. From the soft honeyed to the distinctly peaty. It also comes in an eye watering variety of prices too - from an accessible Bell's at £15.00 to a slightly more rarified MacAllan 1928 Anniversary Malt a snip at £ 259,000. Each to his own - with or without a splash?


If you would like your print personalised please email Tim

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